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Action Toolkit

There are a number of ways that you can help support our campaign for Option 4, and we have collected a list of suggestions and resources on this page below.


Petitions are a great way to show our elected officials the level of public support there is for an issue.

We have created an overall “Option 4” petition on the County Council’s website petitioning for our 4th option. It will accept signatures from the 3rd November – 22nd November – click here to sign it.

If you would like to start a paper petition, then we have a template that you can use. Click here to get it.

Many libraries have their own local campaigns and have setup individual petitions.

You can find those local petitions by going to our “Local Libraries, Campaigns and Petitions” pages by clicking here.

On that page, click on an individual library, and there will be a section called “Campaign Links” that will contain a link to the online petition for that library if it exists.

We recommend that you sign as many individual library petitions as possible.

We have discovered the following petitions that we ask you to sign:

A call on central government and Parliament to review funding for Northamptonshire: click here to sign it.

A general petition to stop budgets to services by Northamptonshire County Council: click here to sign it.

A petition calling for all libraries in Northamptonshire to stay open: click here to sign it.


You can write to your elected officials, and the more they hear from people, the more they will understand how important library services are to our communities.

You can find out who your elected officials are, and their contact details, at the website The website will give you details of all of your elected officials for where you live, including your MP and County Councillors.

You may e-mail the Leader of the County Council, Heather Smith, directly at

Also consider writing to the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and the Shadow Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. Karen Bradley and Tom Watson hold these posts and their e-mail addresses are and

Write to the local media – newspapers and radio/TV stations. They often cover local issues and are a great way to engage with more people and spread the campaign.

The consultation surveys only contain options that include cuts, so we are asking people to respond outwith the official survey forms that constrain feedback.

To do this we ask for people to provide input to the consultation either asking for Option 4 to be added to the consultation, or inviting the council to withdraw the consultation and proposed cuts completely.

You can do this either by e-mailing or by post to:

Draft Budget and Council Plan Consultation
Northamptonshire County Council
One Angel Square

You can find out more about the consultation by clicking here.


The more people that we can get to attend events, the more impact we will have on our visibility.

You can see what events we have coming up on our Events page by clicking here.

If you have organised any events, you can let us know that they are happening so that we can add them to our Facebook page and so that they can be found on this website.

You tell us about your event on our Events page by clicking here.

Social Media

Please share your stories and photos on Social Media. Good posts to share might start with things like:

“I love using the library because…” or “The library has impacted my life because…”

Please use the other tabs above to find out specific information about different Social Media sites.

Please share your stories on Facebook, starting them with things like:

“I love using the library because…” or “The library has impacted my life because…”

Please also add the hashtags #Option4 and #Libraries4Life to your posts, it will help us to make a critical impact in our campaign and to find them easily to share.

You can find us on Facebook at

Please Tweet and add the hashtags #Option4 and #Libraries4Life to your Tweets. Where appropriate, please also ass @mycountycouncil as this is the Twitter username for Northamptonshire County Council.

You can find us on Twitter at

Please share memes and photos of you at your local library to Instagram and add the hashtags #Option4 and #Libraries4Life to your posts.

Please consider adding the following text to your descriptions, this will help YouTube and Google to index your video and for it to be displayed when people are searching for related content:

We support Option 4 and call on Northamptonshire County Council to keep ALL of our libraries open, in permanent public ownership and operated by professionally trained staff, for the benefit of all residents in the county. #Option4 #Libraries4Life

Regardless of the Social Media site please like, share and comment on content that supports saving our libraries and Option 4. The more people that interact with Social Media content on a subject, the more those sites automatically share it to other people.

If you can like, comment and share a few posts a day then it will help make a massive difference!


Displaying posters is a great way to increase visibility of our campaign. You can display them in your windows at home, on noticeboards at work and within the community.

If you have a flair for design, you may want to design your own posters, and if you have children you may want to get them to design some too.

We also have several Option 4 posters for you to print and display:

Click here to get our original poster

Click here to get our “None of the Above” poster, and click here to get our “Libraries4Life” poster – both of these posters have been created by a friend to our libraries, and former volunteer, Saima Yildrim.

We have a double-sided leaflet that you can use that has handy information about the campaign as well as an action list that can be used to help us save our libraries.

The leaflet is useful for you to use for yourself, but also useful for any individual library campaigns to share at meetings, on street stalls and demonstrations. Click here to get it.

Please talk to your friends, family and colleagues to help raise the plight of our libraries!

Different people use the libraries in varying amounts throughout their lives, and not everyone will realise what is being proposed and the risks to our communities that the proposals bring.

By talking to friends, family and colleagues we help to raise the visibility of the issue so that more people can fight to save our libraries.

If you tell just 10 people about the issue, and each of them tell 10 more, we will be reaching out to 100 more people.

How to support and help save our libraries:

Use our "Action Toolkit"

We have put together a toolkit that helps you take action - from spreading the word on Social Media, to signing petitions and joining in events and more....

Find out about local library campaigns

Each library has got its own campaign, here you can find out what your local campaign is doing...

Register your local campaign

Provide us with contact details of your local library's campaign so that we can share it with our vistiors.

Use your local library

It sounds obvious, but using your local library is a great way to make a positive impact as statistics are gathered on library usage...

Find us on Social Media

Here you can find our campaign on various Social Media sites...

Respond to the Consultation

Find out how to respond to the County Council Consultation and to put Option 4 forwards.

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