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Our Campaign on Social Media

There is no denying the power of Social Media, it is a tool for collaboration, for communicating, for organisation and for sharing information about our lives.

As you would imagine, we are also using it to form part of our campaign for Option 4, and to work with individual library campaign teams.

We are on Facebook and Twitter

You can find us on Facebook at – you can also see our timeline to the left (or above if you are on a mobile device).

On Twitter you can find us at @Option4Nhants.

So are some library campaigns

Some individual library campaigns are also on Social Media sites. This is mainly Facebook pages and groups – and you can find full details on our “Local Libraries Campaigns & Petitions” page by clicking here.

Please share your stories and photos on Social Media

Please share your stories and photos on Social Media.

Good posts to share might start with things like:

“I love using the library because…” or “The library has impacted my life because…”

Use the hashtags #Option4 and #Libraries4Life

The best way to make a collective impact on social media is to use hashtags. These are just words or phrases without spaces and prefixed with a # symbol and added to your Social Media posts.

We’re asking you to use the hashtags #Option4 and #Libraries4Life – by doing this we will be able to gather a list of posts on this website and across Social Media platforms that will help us to send a strong message to the County Council and our MPs.

How to support and help save our libraries:

Use our "Action Toolkit"

We have put together a toolkit that helps you take action - from spreading the word on Social Media, to signing petitions and joining in events and more....

Find out about local library campaigns

Each library has got its own campaign, here you can find out what your local campaign is doing...

Register your local campaign

Provide us with contact details of your local library's campaign so that we can share it with our vistiors.

Use your local library

It sounds obvious, but using your local library is a great way to make a positive impact as statistics are gathered on library usage...

Find us on Social Media

Here you can find our campaign on various Social Media sites...

Respond to the Consultation

Find out how to respond to the County Council Consultation and to put Option 4 forwards.

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