Hands Off Our Libraries

Northamptonshire County Council is consulting the public on 3 options of cuts and closures to our public libraries.

We are rejecting their options, proposing Option 4 instead: to keep ALL of our libraries open, in permanent public ownership and operated by properly trained staff.

More than just books

Our public libraries host a range of services for our communities

Great losses, small savings

The proposed savings amount to less than 3.3p per person per week

Get involved

Sign petitions, join events & get involved to save our libraries!

Option 4: Libraries for LIfe

Libraries are important places for our communities, and they host a whole range of community services.

Our County Council is considering three options that all make cuts to library services. The options include closing some libraries and/or moving them out of public ownership.

We are saying that there should be a fourth option, and are calling on residents to support it:

Option 4: Keep ALL of Northamptonshire’s libraries open, in permanent public ownership and run by properly trained and paid staff for┬áthe benefit of all residents in the county, for life.

Why public libraries are important

Find out more about why public libraries are important, and the range of services available in Northamptonshire’s libraries…

find out more about the campaign

Find out more about the threat that the County Council is posing to our libraries, and about the campaign to save them – including details for your local library campaign

our blog

Read our blog, including posts from local library campaigns and guest posts from residents and prominent people throughout Northamptonshire

Get in touch

We’d love to hear why your local library is important to you, also to hear from any local campaigns or about any events taking place to save your local. Hit the button to the right to get in touch!

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Library Quote

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