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Iain is a resident of Kettering and feels strongly about the threat to libraries because his local library as a teenager played a pivotal role in shaping his life and career in IT.

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Libraries are important places for our communities, and far from just offering books, they are where a whole host of community services can be found. Northamptonshire County Council is looking to make savings in a number of areas, and cutting library services is one of those areas.

They are considering three options which will save a relatively small amount of money. The options include closing some libraries and/or moving them out of public ownership.

Any that get handed over to other bodies will cost more to run because they will lose the economies of scale brought by having them all run by the County Council. We are saying that there should also be a fourth option:

“Option 4″: keep ALL of Northamptonshire’s libraries open, in permanent public ownership and operated by professionally trained staff, for the benefit of all residents in the county that wish to make use of them thereof.”

Losing the libraries will save relatively little money, but the loss to our communities will be greater than what they cost to run. The county will be gravely poorer for losing any library, let alone as many as are under threat.

How to support and help save our libraries:

Use our "Action Toolkit"

We have put together a toolkit that helps you take action - from spreading the word on Social Media, to signing petitions and joining in events and more....

Find out about local library campaigns

Each library has got its own campaign, here you can find out what your local campaign is doing...

Register your local campaign

Provide us with contact details of your local library's campaign so that we can share it with our vistiors.

Use your local library

It sounds obvious, but using your local library is a great way to make a positive impact as statistics are gathered on library usage...

Find us on Social Media

Here you can find our campaign on various Social Media sites...

Respond to the Consultation

Find out how to respond to the County Council Consultation and to put Option 4 forwards.

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